Want to volunteer in Tanzania?

Get involved with great projects across the country, many are perfect for both first time volunteers and seasoned travelers wanting to put something back and get to know this incredible country up close.

Volunteer Projects in Africa

Our projects welcome anyone over the age of 18, and a few are open to volunteers who will be 16 on arrival. Popular projects include teaching, building, sport, healthcare and conservation. We also offer many more project opportunities than are listed on our website. If you have a particular skill or interest which you cannot find please contact us so we can advise on a suitable project which can make use of your skills or knowledge.

Volunteer in Tanzania
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Why Volunteer in Africa? Can I make a difference?

Everyone has something to offer the project they visit as there is still so much need in Africa. Whether it is extra hands to complete a building project, a specific skill you want to share to simply acknowledging a vulnerable child’s existence, you can be confident you will make a big difference to the community you work with.

You have the opportunity to work at orphanages, schools, vocational training centres, women’s groups, centres for children with disabilities, hospitals, community development projects and environmental conservation projects. There is a minimum 1 month stay which is to ensure all volunteers are truly valuable to the project they work in. Internships are also available.

Whilst you are volunteering, you won’t forget the array of activities that can be done in Tanzania. On weekends or before/after your volunteering, you will find volunteers going on Day trips, safari, climbing Kilimanjaro, travelling to Zanzibar.


  • To help people to help themselves
  • That after our help in the beginning people can survive without us and help each other 
  • That people or societies don’t become dependent on us .
  • To provide great opportunities and challenges to all students to make their internships an experience of a lifetime 
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  • To help people to start their own businesses and careers 
  • To provide facilities instead of giving money 
  • To help both organizations and individuals 
  • To create business contacts between countries through practical training 
  • To increase people’s knowledge about Tanzania’s problems and advantages so that they can better help the society.