Rongai Route

6 Days

5 Nights 


The name Rongai Route is actually something of a misnomer. Sure, it’s the name that everybody uses but, strictly speaking, it’s not the correct one. The real, original Rongai Route used to start at the border village of the same name but was closed several years ago by the authorities who decided that two trails on a side of the mountain that few trekkers visit was unnecessary. You will still see this route marked on many maps, but today all trekkers who wish to climb Kili from the north now follow a different trail, also known as the Loitokitok Route after the village that lies near the start. (Just to confuse the issue still further, this isn’t officially the correct name either, for along the trail you’ll see various signs calling this trail the Nalemuru Route – or, occasionally, Nalemoru – though this name is rarely used by anybody.)

  • After breakfast at your hotel you will be collected by your head guide and driven to Kilimanjaro National Park for registration and to begin the climb. Form here you travel by vehicle onto the village of Nale Moru at around 1,950 meters. Today’s walk is around 3 to 4 hours, beginning on a small path that winds its way through fields of maize and potatoes before entering pine forest. You will gradually ascend trough attractive forest to the edge of the moorland zone. Extensive views over the Kenyan plains will be the highlight of today. Note that it can be wet in the rainforest and it is recommended to carry your waterproofs with you should you need them. Dinner and overnight at Simba campsite (2,650m).

    1. Walking Distance: 6.5 km/4 miles
    2. Walking time: 3-4 hours
    3. Altitude Gain: 700 m/2300 ft