Marangu Route

6 Days

5 Nights 

  • fter breakfast you will meet your guides and porters, finish packing and transfer to the park entrance where you begin your Kilimanjaro climb. After formalities at the park entrance, you enter the rain forest for a gentle walk through verdant scenery to Mandara Hut. This can be done faster, but the slower the better for the eventual success of the climb. This is very important because walking slowly allows the body to acclimatize. The speed at which you walk during the first 2 days will partially determine the chances of reaching the summit. Paces should be short, measured, and rhythmical with each step placed gently. Each day you will have a packed lunch to eat along the way. The forest teems with bird life and colobus and other monkeys may be seen. You will have a cooked dinner and will stay in A-frame huts lit by solar power. Each room sleeps 4 people and there is a total capacity here of 60. Water is piped into the camp from springs and there are flush toilets behind the main hut. Your head guide will let you know the agenda for the next day.

    1. Elevation: 6,004 feet to 8,856 feet
    2. Hiking time: 4-6 hours,

    Overnight Mandara Hut – Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner