Machame Route

6 Days

5 Nights 

Route Overview

Machame Route now vies with – and indeed over the last few years has overtaken – the Marangu Route as the most popular trail. Machame is also the regarded by many guides as the most enjoyable, though it is longer and, according to most, more arduous. Despite this, the success rate on the Machame Route is higher than on the Marangu Route, possibly because the Machame is a day longer at six days and five nights (assuming you take the Barafu Route to the summit) which gives trekkers more time to acclimatize. An extra acclimatization day can – and usually is -taken in the Karanga Valley. The Machame Route also gives you the option of taking the Western Breach / Arrow Glacier Route to the summit.

    1. Machame Gate to Machame Camp
    2. Elevation (ft): 5,400ft to 9,400ft
    3. istance: 11 km
    4. Hiking Time: 5-7 hours
    5. Habitat: Rain Forest