When to Climb Kilimanjaro Mountain

When to Climb Kilimanjaro

Being so close to the equator, Tanzania and Kilimanjaro do not experience the usual extremes of winter and summer. Instead, the nation experiences alternating wet and dry seasons. As rain, mud, ice, and snow place a greater strain on the body, it is therefore best to attempt your Kilimanjaro climb in the warmer, drier months.

The best month for climbing are January, February, and September – when the weather is warmer, the skies clearer, and the threat of rain less. June, July, and August are also fine weather-wise, although they tend to be colder as this is ‘winter’ in Tanzania. The rainy seasons (March through early June and November/December) are tougher times to attempt the climb, although it is still possible with appropriate preparation.

January – March: dry and low traffic on the mountain

April –May: Wet but low traffic on the mountain

June – October: Warm and dry weather, many climbers

November – December: Colder with some rain, low season,